the story of
tom bove

As a child, Bove made wine at home with his grandfather, an Italian immigrant.
50 years later, he and his family have found their dream home in Provence, a 400-hectare forest restoration project.

Let's make wine

“My family and I bought a house in Miraval for ourselves. Most people thought I was crazy, starting with my father, but I got the wine bug there, and saw that we could make good wine in this region.”

Tom Bove

An ambitious project

“At 80, an age when he could be fine-tuning his pétanque while playing or hanging out at the club in Saint-Tropez, Tom Bove runs to the site of his latest winery restoration project: Château Bellini, about 10 km northwest of his first project, in the Appellation Coteaux Varois in Provence, where he makes red and white wines as well as rosé.”

Robert Camuto

a history of culture

In 2017, Tom Bove bought the Fontlade estate, located along the ancient Via Aurelia Roman road, with around 120 hectares of oak forest. Passionate about art and opera, he named it BELLINI, after the Venetian Renaissance painter and Sicilian opera composer.

“In all his renovation projects, Tom Bove sticks to the same principles: organic farming, manual harvesting and estate-grown grapes.”

Robert Camuto

“In all my vineyards, I try to make red, white and rosé,” he says. “It’s easier to market rosé from Provence, but good reds and whites stay in people’s minds longer.”

Tom Bove