The vine &
the cellar

At Château Bellini, we work the clay-limestone soil by shovel, up to 1.50 m, and by hand. This process, which is completely ecological, makes it easier for young roots to spread out and prevents the soil from becoming more acidic, as is the case with crushing, which is more common in the region. The use of the shovel allows the soil to be sorted naturally, without the need for crushing.

Passion & technique

The quality and care of our production begins with the soil, with the plant.
Respectful of Nature and the nobility of the grape varieties, we practice Organic Farming using only mineral elements and no pesticides or weedkillers. And we only water the vines during the first year of their life, letting them develop and seek hydration at depths of up to 25m, thanks to the majestic work of reconstituting the vineyard with a North-South orientation allowing full sunshine and alternating layers of clay-limestone soil and blocks of stone originating from the Domaine that will enable them to grow.

Respectful work

We choose noble grape varieties with respect for the soil, its natural humidity and gradient, and this harmonious work between earth, man and plant gives our wines all their richness.
Harvest time! And yes, the time has come to reap the fruit of such thoughtful labor.
We harvest by hand, between dusk and dawn, to avoid fermentation and oxidation of the grapes, which are then sorted by hand, first directly in the vineyard, then on a sorting table in the winery.

Chateau Bellini

tom bove's experts

Throughout his winemaking career, Tom Bove has drawn on the talents of various oenologists to help him develop increasingly noble, high-quality wines. Talent, respect for ancestral traditions and mastery of more modern winemaking techniques make our wines more exquisite with each vintage.

There are no pumps in our Chai, but a two-storey cellar where gravity is exploited to the full to avoid crushing the fruit. Our press enables us to separate the juices according to their quality, allowing us to take only the best. We aim for low yields in order to produce wines of the highest quality, without compromising on aromas and flavors.

From cellar to bottle

Then our vats are temperature-controlled and the settling is done cold.
All juice movements in our Chai are carried out with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation.

We have different types of packaging in the vinification phase: vats, barrels, gré jars, and we are currently studying a top-quality cuvée aged in barrels.

We also offer an Extra Brut Méthode Provençale, created from the Cinsault grape variety, to which we add frozen Rolle mas, all with no added sugar, but completely natural.

Our sales cellar

It’s a place for welcoming and sharing, where you can come and taste our Cuvées with all the attention and availability you need to appreciate our production in the best possible conditions.
Our staff will be delighted to welcome you and help you discover our wines and our history.

Listed since 2021 on the “Route des Vin de Provence”, Château Bellini offers an interesting menu of wine tourism experiences:


We welcome individual customers with or without prior reservation, and companies and groups (over 6 people) with prior reservation.